While we are definitely going for impact, remember to consider comfort when it comes to accent chairs. Your height and body type make a difference with some chairs, so make sure to read the reviews to ensure you’ll be happy sitting the day away in your chosen chair. I’ve used most of these pieces multiple times and can’t say enough good things about them. I’m sure you’ll find just the thing for you right here!

Petite Upholstered Wingback Chair
Cruz Tufted Ottoman
Ollie Rattan Bench
Lisette Dining Armchair
Hide Black Chaise Lounge
Saddle Leather Bench
Wrap Bench
Serpette Black Cowhide Stool
Egg Chair
Savile Bello Saddle Leather Tufted Chair
Tristen Wingback Chair
Stature Chair
Irving Roll Arm Leather
Mimi Vegan Lambskin Chair
Wishbone Chair
Mid-Century Show Wood Chair