A well-appointed home is a comfortable, livable home, and nothing will help you get there faster than a few carefully selected throw blankets and throw pillows. Whatever style category you’re going for, I’ve done the legwork to find the ideal pieces to make your spaces really sing!

Velvet Pillow
Cashmere Pillow
Faux Jute Pillow
Fiber Trim Pillow
Cozy Contrast Pillow Set
Simple Stripes Pillow Set
Scandi Leaf Pillow Set
Modern Color Block Pillow Set
Colorful Stripes Pillow Set
Two-Tone Tufted Pillow Set
Angled Lines Pillow Set
Valari Printed Decorative Pillow Cover
Basilia Velvet Pillow Cover
Mixed Materials Pillow Cover Set
Bias Black and White Chevron Pillow
Clique Black Pillow
Tuxedo Pillow
Xand Pillow
Sandro Woven Pillow
Modern Lines Turkish Silk Pillow
Faux Fur Sphere Pillow
Faux Mongolian Pillow Covers
Reflect Pillow
Italian Boiled Wool Stripe Pillow Cover